10 Best Sex Position to Reach Orgasm

Woman News - Sex as a unifying relationship and the most beautiful and most enjoyable means demonstrate and strengthen love. If you are looking for ideas for a variety of exciting new position in sex, you can try a variety of new techniques in the following pages.

10. Masters and Johnson

In a study by William Masters and Virginia Johnson, found that premature ejaculation and some other sexual dysfunction occurs due to lack of support the body during sexual intercourse. So, do some changes to the missionary position with woman on top.

The technique called "Position of Lateral coitus" makes women put his weight fully to her partner, while the weight of both will be transferred entirely to the base. This technique allows the movement of the hip as freely as possible, so that, the pleasure will be felt increasingly

9. Reverse Spoon

If you're already bored with Spoon techniques, why not try a Reverse Spoon? This technique is like a spoon technique, done with you lying on the side of the body, but instead is done by pressing your back to the couple, this technique will make you push your body to the thigh leg pairs. Penetration is reversed, and this ensures an extra depth of penetration that will make you and your partner feel like flying!

8. Bend Over Backwards

Bored in bed? Try searching for another place to 'have fun', for example a sofa. Perhaps the idea is less fun if you use the sofa with ordinary techniques. Try this technique is somewhat complicated but is guaranteed to make you both feel addicted. If you can bend your back until the hands touch hands, let your partner supports your foot that rests on the handle of a sofa or the back of the sofa. In this way, your partner will be able to penetrate easily, because of your invitation will not be resisted.

7. Lap-Dancing Cowgirl (Variant Woman On Top)

Cowgirl is another name of the Woman on Top (think like a woman riding a horse), well, this one technique will make all the pleasures of Woman on Top position, plus a variety of additional effects that tease for your partner. For this technique, find a comfortable chair but quite strong.

Face your partner, and 'ride' from the front. This technique will completely make you have a power over your spouse, complete control in the hands (or your body)! Moreover, with the facing him like this, you will be free to do all sorts of mischief that you want. Interesting isn’t it?

6. Standing Tall

In Kamasutra, this position is called the 'suspended congress'. It stands like this looks uncomfortable and very difficult to have sex, but imagine if you stood in the bathroom with shower, then this position would be perfect. Let your partner stand with his back against the wall, grab and hug his neck so that you can depend freely.

Point your partner hand you hold your thigh and gravity will help accomplish the task with ease. Tip: try to turn the warm water, and you both will increasingly feel the vibrations sensual!

5. The Snow Plow (Snow Pirates)

This position is the best position to penetrate as deep as possible. This technique was developed from the missionary position, and is the fastest and fun way to warm the body in the rainy season. The place does this position is in bed with you as a woman lying relax, and lift your legs up to the head, and your partner will be very easy to pull through deep penetration, painless, and fun! :)

4. The Lazy Dog (Position Lazy)

If you are too tired to flirt, then the penetration from behind this technique will be most enjoyable technique. Movements are slow, sensual, and romantic is the main feature of this technique. This position allows you both to keep the act of intercourse without a high intensity. In addition, this position allows movement of the waist as freely as possible, so that your partner will be able to experiment with a variety of hip movements that make all the sides you will be touched by it.

3. The splitter

Perfect position for female athletes, and dancers who have a flexible body. Men are not as easy as a woman at the time of doing the splits. Therefore, this position will make your partner can no longer hold back when you tease him with this position. Try to combine the split to the front with the position of Woman on Top, the certainty that he will no longer hold his heartbeat that will be faster.

2. The Butterfly Effect
This position is the most popular position in the Kamasutra, because the emphasis on sensuality. This position maximizes the contact waist, so that will make your partner is really flying. With you being on top, your partner will be able to see the full beauty of your body. In addition, with this position, you can rest comfortably and once again, to control all your movements and your partner. Indeed, the ruling was so fun!

1. Deep Impact

This position is said to be able to provide the most intense orgasm good for you or your spouse. Let your body be at the bedside with legs hanging. This position is also not likely be rejected by your partner, he would immediately approach you and can make penetration with a variety of ways, either by dragging your feet close to his body, or by doing a split, he will get full access that provides an opportunity to penetrate deep as possible.

The combination of waist movement, gravity, and penetration will give a tremendous impact (Deep Impact), as the meeting of Earth and Sky.

Which do you prefer? Surely it would be difficult, because all positions are promising uncontrolled sensuality. Why not try it all alone?

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Hello V-necks lover!

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 Woman News - Often women busy 'fix' their faces, but forget the neck that also has an important role in beauty. Neck skin is the thinnest skin of all on our bodies. That's why the neck skin is more easily damaged. Fortunately, skin care products anti-aging especially now more and more nutritious, so it can improve the appearance of your neck skin.

Here are some tips to provide youthfulness to your neck skin:

Dark spots. Too much exposure to UV light will make the pigment-producing cells to work too much, causing black spots. Use a bleaching cream that contains kojic acid or mushroom or licorice extract, because it can brighten a dark stain. But you have to be patient, because the result may take many months. You can also use products made from the hydroquinone.

Cream-based anti-aging, such as retinol and alpha hydroxy acid can help brighten the skin that functions work more effectively. To reduce the irritation that may occur, use the cream on your neck gradually, every two days once in the afternoon and try using slowly at night. And for prevention, use sun protection with SPF 15 at noon.

Wrinkles. The evil effects of sunlight can damage youthfulness and density skin. Products that contain ingredients such as retinol and peptides form the collagen and make the skin smooth. Removal of wrinkles can also be performed with laser technique. Laser can stimulate cell turnover and new collagen production. The Effects that may occur is reddish for a few days, but you'll get amazing results.

Skin sagged. Sagged skin on the neck was usually formed as a result of excess fat, loose skin, and weakened muscles. Sagged disposal operating procedures or liposuction under local anesthesia can quickly fix it.

To reduce bruising and swelling, which can last up to two weeks, another option is to use ultrasound, which uses sound waves to liquefy fat before it is discarded. If you have excess skin, you may need to fix the fatty tissue with a product that can tighten the neck skin to restore the full density.

Bulging veins. The lines are prominent vertical line appears when the skin is thin muscles in the neck, and began to be drawn out of its original shape. To overcome this you can use botox is injected to soften the lines by relaxing the muscles. Another option is an operation that will tighten and put the muscles through a small incision under the chin.

Being beautiful is not easy. Requires a large commitment and intention. You live and the choices that determine the path where you want to use? Which certainly had options will take you to the youth and beauty. Now is the time you say, "Goodbye Turtlenecks, hello V-necks!"

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How to Right Skin Cancer Screening at Home

Woman News - Sun rays is beneficial for health because of donating vitamin D. However, exposure to ultraviolet light directly without the barrier is also dangerous because it raises the risk of skin cancer.

Skin cancer in general is one of the easiest types of cancer, to be prevented and treated. However, the lack of knowledge caused many early symptoms of skin cancer that is not actionable.

In fact, you can screen your own body regularly and thoroughly at home, in order to recognize the symptoms of this disease. For that, you need a well-lit room, a long mirror and a small mirror size of a palm.

First of all, do a general screening to check the front and back of your body in the mirror. See also the right and left side of the body with arms raised. Then, check your face, ears, neck, chest, abdomen, and the area under both breasts. Check both sides of the arm, including the top and bottom of your palms and fingernails.

After that, see also the back of the thigh and calf, the spaces between your toes and soles of your feet. Check the back of the neck and scalp using a small mirror. Cleave apart your hair to examine the scalp.

If necessary, ask for help from others to do so. Finally, check the back, buttocks, and genitals using a small mirror.

Consult your dermatologist if you find any moles or spots with the following characteristics:

- Asymmetric: Half differs from the other parts

- Bounded: Formed a frontier that does not irregular and jagged.

- Color: The color varies from one side to another, has shades of brown, black, or sometimes white, red, or blue.

- Diameter: Melanoma is usually larger than 6mm when diagnosed, but could also be smaller.

- Grow: A mole or skin lesions that look different from others or change shape, size, and color.

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Comfortable Walking with High Heels

Identify the parts of your shoe, from heel to toe.
Woman News - High-heeled shoes will still be trendy, so you're so-so occasionally wearing these shoes for the office or other formal events. However, to prevent the happening of pain in the feet, even any injury due to too high a heel, you need to identify exactly the parts in your shoes. If there is a shortage of shoes, or on your posture, provide the necessary support. After that, learn to walk more comfortably. Here's a guide.

Identify the parts of your shoes
Body (heel): If the shoes make your legs stiff blistered, wet part of this shoe with water, then use your fingers to soften the skin fit the contours of your foot. Or, stick tape or pad in the shoe department (usually the heel) to reduce friction.

Breast (arch between the right and footwear): That is the arch in the shoe section, which affects your stability. The more forward curve, the more balanced your body.

Sol: Use the right material on the soles of your shoes will prevent slippage on smooth floors. Select shoes with protective soles of shoes, or insoles form on the right with a key to create extra appeal.

Toe Box (pad on the finger): If your toes feel like I was pinched, or squeezed, you need to stretch the base on the finger in place of the service of shoes.

Interior: If the arch is low make your legs hurt, add a cushion to relieve pressure on the balls of your feet (the soles of the feet which are under the finger).

Learn how to so you can move comfortably.
How to step :
1. Posture: The right shoes will encourage your body weight forward. So to balance your body, straighten your head, and pull the shoulders back. Stretch your body's center will relieve some pressure on your foot.

2. Step: Moving with the movement of the heel to the normal fingers can make your ankle sprains. To avoid this, take short steps, down evenly into the ball of the foot and heel.

3. Weight loss: When your weight entirely to the foot switch, stretch your toes inside the shoe. This can help distribute weight to the ball of the foot area.

4. Hips: When you feel out of balance, your body tends to become rigid. Let your hips swaying in a slight movement.
Give a bearing on the parts that feel less comfortable.
Give support
1. Bearing full sol: Sol in which tapered at the front will make your toes do not feel cramped.

2. Weight Shifters: These bearings are placed in the heel, thus transferring the weight of the ball of the foot toward the rear, toward the right shoes.

3. Gel toes: These bearings are supported on ball feet, to protect the area where your weight centered.

4. Open-toe pads: Sol in a shorter size, but provides the beat of the same silencer without visible from your shoes are open at the front.

5. Support your feet: If your feet at a low arch, or need a booster, this cushion will help relieve pressure on the ball of the foot.

6. Heel pads: These pads help to prevent foot slippage inside the shoe.

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Guidelines on Buying Running Shoes

Woman News - Choosing the right running shoe can be an overwhelming task given all the high-tech shoes available today and all the special features each running shoe claims to have.
Regardless of your sport or exercise, some general guidelines apply to all shoe shopping:

* Shop for shoes in the afternoon, when your feet are at maximum size. (They swell during the day).
* Recognizing your foot type.
* While color and style may be important to you, please consider features like stability, motion control, and cushion.
* Wear the socks you normally wear with shoes to assure the right fit.
* Try on both shoes. Most people's feet vary a bit in size from each other, so you should be sure the shoes fit your largest foot comfortably.
* Check for space at the end of your longest toe. There should be enough to let you move without pinching.
* Move around in the shoes, and insist that they feel like a perfect fit right away. If they don't, keep looking.
* Don't shop by price alone, but do look for materials and good workmanship.
* Replace running shoes after 500 miles, walking shoes after 1,000 miles, and aerobics shoes after about a year of regular use.

The right shoe can make your workouts more comfortable, keep you from getting injured.

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Worst Shoes for Foot Health

Woman News - Do not buy the shoes just for fashion sake. Make sure you pay attention to your comfort as well. Buying the right shoe is something we all must do to ensure better health for the feet. Here are some types of shoes that are bad for your health if used too often.

High Heels

High heeled shoes will make you feel taller and fashionable, but wearing them for long periods can cause or aggravate foot problems foot problems you already have. Wearing high heels put your feet in position plantarflexed (legs pointing down) so that your body weight rests on the balls of your feet. This causes you to adjust the standing posture and gait, leading to increased stress on the knees, hips and back. Also, increased pressure on the balls of your feet can cause a condition called metatarsalgia, acute pain in the ball of the foot, which could become chronic. Also, when you wear high heels, ankle position can lead to shortening (contraction) of the Achilles tendon, which leads to a condition called Achilles tendonitis.

Therefore, it is recommended to limit the time wearing high heels and limit the maximum height of two inches.

Pointed Toes

Pointed toe shoes pressed toes together into spaces too narrow, causing calluses and uncomfortable. This shoe is also put pressure on the toe nails that grow inward and can increase the likelihood of hammertoes.

Same as high heels, wearing them only on special occasions. Avoid wearing them everyday. Shoes with wider tip box is the best.


Flip-flops may be comfortable, but they never intended to become your everyday shoe. Wearing flip-flops cause drastic changes in the way you walk, which can cause foot problems. When you wear flip-flops, your toes you should hold on to flip-flops to keep them when walking. Although not very real to most people, this action with the constant flexing of the toes can put a strain on the connective tissue that runs along the sole of your foot, which causes pain in the arch of the foot (plantar fasciitis), inflammation of the Achilles tendon, inflammation of the connective tissue between heel and toe bones, and pain along the inner aspect of the knee.

Podiatrists recommend wearing flip-flops only for short periods of time. They are meant for the beach and pool, not to walk everyday. To run the daily, wearing sandals with straps in the back that holds your foot in the shoe.

Platform Shoes.
Shoes that are effective enough to make you look taller, but this shoes do not make your feet move naturally. So, limit its use at certain times only and not used for daily activities.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats flat shoes usually do not have a buffer on the arch of the foot, and wear it increases the risk of plantar fasciitis, tendonitis and shin splints.
This can make easy leg injury and the risk of abnormal gait.
Choose shoes that have flat soles and support around the heel, and if you have flat feet, just wear shoes with good arch support.
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6 Strangest Genital Items

Woman News -The most private body parts such as genitals are now able to 'dressed up'. From vajazzling until vatooing, the following provides a list of Media Women weirdest genital product ever discovered:

In the beginning is a luxurious spa treatment, when a waxing procedure completed by gluing Swarovski crystals on decorative patterns to an area that has been waxed. Jennifer Love Hewitt is the first celebrity to introduce Vajazzling to a wide audience. Currently, there are special vajazzle device that lets you do it yourself at home. In addition, there is also a male version called pejazzling.

Bulge-enhancing underwear
The man is known as the most sensitive to the size of genitals. Bulge-enhancing underwear is a type of underwear specially designed to create the effect of genital size is greater in men. In fact, there are swimming trunks men who provide a similar effect.

Women also have a problem with the groin area. Cuchini is a device designed specifically for women, to hide cameltoe when wearing a bathing suit. According to the manufacturer, Cuchini intended to cover the genital area so it looks subtler. Basically, this device is shaped adhesive pads tucked in behind the bikini bottoms.

BibHanger genital weighting system
This device is intended to make his genitals look longer and bigger. However, the procedure is purely cosmetic and the impact on health is questionable.

Pubic fluorescent dyes
Bett Beauty created a series of pubic hair dye products, available in a variety of natural colors such as blond, brown, black, until pink.

No need to shudder to imagine a painful of inked needle stab. Because, vatooing is a process when the image or the words painted airbrush around the pubic area. It is a temporary tattoo that gets spray-painted on your vagina. This artwork can last for about seven days.

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tips on make sex great for both

Woman News - Sex Positions
Sex Positions, We all want to make sex as good as can be for our partners. But there's more to sex rather than choosing the best sex position - you have to know that sex positions and techniques to avoid! So here is a list of things for men to avoid during sex, along with some tips on the best sexual positions - which will make sex great for both!

Sex Positions - Sex Position First error: Pushing your partner to do everything that is not cómodo.Por So if you've been thinking of trying the outrageous sexual positions adopted by some porn stars, forget it! Start from a more realistic. Be comfortable for a woman involves two things: First, you have to be physically comfortable. That could mean not going to feel very happy if I ask you to put your ankles behind your ears while you have sex. It could also mean you have to avoid any position that gives the deepest penetration, since your penis might hit her cervix and give it some serious trouble. Secondly, you have to comfortable.So emotionally if you treat like one of those porn stars, she will not be very happy either, and is unlikely to be invited to bed. This includes: wanting to ejaculate over her without her whole-heartedly agree with dirty talk is a lack of respect for her, wanting to slap his ass if he is not, and generally treated her as a sex

Sex Positions - Object instead of a person. Sex Position Second mistake: Being too much of a caballero.Hay an old saying that goes: "A gentleman has his weight on his arms." If you think this is the best way to behave during sex in the man on top position Did you ever try asking your partner what you want? Many women like to feel the weight of their man on top of them during sex - they say things like, makes them feel safe, secure, loved, or who just like to feel the energy and power of their man in this position . Sure, if you are much heavier than her, you might squash her, so exercise a lawsuit, but in general, men in top position, left their toll!

Sex Positions - Third Sex Position error: Do not just be there all the time when you are divirtiendo.Si she is on top, riding you, remember that you can still move during sex in this position, even just a little. You can push your hips to match her movements, raise your knees to alter the angle at which the penis enters the vagina, and caress her breasts and clitoris if she's facing you while you have sex. Remember - you do not like if she lies motionless on man sex up, so in this position, return the favor and move on yourself!

Sex Positions - Position error Fourth Sex: Being too aggressive during sex. Sure, some women like rough sex, either all the time or from time to time, but for a woman, sex tends to be something special and would like to be treated that way! That means not pumping away aggressively without his encouragement, not being selfish (ie having an orgasm yourself but not bothering to make sure she has one) and not moving around roughly during sex . If you want to show the level of a man being a little dominant, do it with firmness and kindness, instead of throwing around the bed like a rag doll. Needless to say, this advice applies whatever the position you are using sex!

Sex Positions-Sex Fifth Position error: Comply with same-sex positions old every time you make love. Sure, you do not have to try all the positions of adventure and a challenge that can be found online, but a bit of variation really adds spice to your sex life. Even if you are very fond of the man on top position, for example, sex in the tackle from behind or side to side position will allow you to see things very differently, so you can get much more excited, and certainly will give you both some different sensations! Get Latest Women Issue Here:
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