Know of Symbols on Plastics Packaging

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Plastic container is almost always a loyal friend for domestic purposes. But did you know that not all plastic containers are safe to use? Least safe plastic containers can you know of a special symbol or a sign contained in the plastic container. Get to know its meaning:

1. Symbols Food Grade. Picture a glass and fork, which means the container is safe to use for food and beverages.

2. Symbol of Non-Food Grade. Figure fork and glass removed. That is, the container is not designed for food containers due to chemical substances in it can endanger health.

3. Save Microwave symbol. Wavy line drawings. Safe container for use as food warmers in the microwave because it resistant to high temperatures.

4. Non-Microwave symbol. Figure wavy lines crossed out. Containers should not be used to warm food in the microwave because it can not stand high temperatures or heat.

5. Save Oven symbol. Figure oven (two horizontal lines), which means safe use as food warmers in the oven. Although made of plastic, these containers hold very high temperatures.

6. Non-Oven symbol. Picture two horizontal lines crossed out. That is, the container can not stand high temperatures.

7. Save Grill symbols. Figure toaster or grill (three inverted triangles), indicating a safe container is used for high temperature.

8. Grill Non-Blonde Save. Figure toaster crossed out, meaning that the container should not be used for baking.

9. Symbols Freezer Save. Snowflake images that show the secure container used to store food or beverages with a low temperature or frozen.

10. Non-Freezer Save symbol. Snowflake images removed, then the container should not to be stored in the refrigerator.

11. Save Cut symbol. Figure knife, which means the container can be safely used as a base when you cut food ingredients.

12. Save Cut Non-Blonde. Figure knife crossed out, meant not to cut container.

13. Dishwasher Save symbol. Picture glass upside down. Secure containers to be washed in a washing machine.

14. Dishwasher Save Non-Blonde. Picture glass removed, which means the glass must be cleaned manually.