This is it! Causes enlargement Vagina Size!

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Maybe you've heard some myths and rumors about the vagina. But not all the rumors and myths are true. To know the truth, see the following article.

Most women become worried because of myths and rumors surrounding the vagina. This seemed reasonable because the vagina is the center of female sexuality.

Many women who believe that the more sex, the greater the size of the vagina. It makes no sense because the size of a big vagina has nothing to do with the intensity of sexual intercourse.

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So what makes a woman's vagina size bigger? The answer is to give birth. This is caused by damage to the muscles around the vagina and other supporting tissues of the vaginal wall. Normally this happens because of the difficult and long labor. The other effect is when you shower, the water will more easily get into your vagina.

If this happens, then the effect will be felt is when you make love, satisfaction will decrease towards you or your spouse. In addition, the air will more easily enter and exit from the vagina, so often the case, called 'fanny farting'. Fanny farting (flatus) is the sound caused by air friction with the wall of the vagina and vulva that comes out from the inside.

More seriously, the muscles and ligaments around the vagina to relax and look 'down'. This usually occurs in middle age.

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