WOT, Sex Position that loved by Women

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Although every woman has a unique way to open a sex scene, but making out on the body of man is a sensual way to start having sex.

The position of women is above the body of a man, presumably the best position for both parties. The reason for the woman, woman on top position (WOT) can give it easy to enjoy the peak of sexual pleasure.

Klirotis stimulate obtained through this position is the key to orgasm. Through this position, possibly due to the friction of the clitoris touched pelvis larger partner.

In addition, you also can control the speed and intensity of rhythm, so it can slow down or repeat the movement tempo in a way that feels most satisfying for you.

While copulation from the rear or known doggie style is a perfect choice to make a woman happy in bed. Therefore, stimulating the G-spot inside the vagina rubbing clitoris together with your own, you can do at once. Whether it stimulates your own, or with the help of partner's hand.

With this position, also allows a man to massage other erotic zones such as nipples women. Where this can increase the chances of women to achieve the Big O.

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