Hello V-necks lover!

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 Woman News - Often women busy 'fix' their faces, but forget the neck that also has an important role in beauty. Neck skin is the thinnest skin of all on our bodies. That's why the neck skin is more easily damaged. Fortunately, skin care products anti-aging especially now more and more nutritious, so it can improve the appearance of your neck skin.

Here are some tips to provide youthfulness to your neck skin:

Dark spots. Too much exposure to UV light will make the pigment-producing cells to work too much, causing black spots. Use a bleaching cream that contains kojic acid or mushroom or licorice extract, because it can brighten a dark stain. But you have to be patient, because the result may take many months. You can also use products made from the hydroquinone.

Cream-based anti-aging, such as retinol and alpha hydroxy acid can help brighten the skin that functions work more effectively. To reduce the irritation that may occur, use the cream on your neck gradually, every two days once in the afternoon and try using slowly at night. And for prevention, use sun protection with SPF 15 at noon.

Wrinkles. The evil effects of sunlight can damage youthfulness and density skin. Products that contain ingredients such as retinol and peptides form the collagen and make the skin smooth. Removal of wrinkles can also be performed with laser technique. Laser can stimulate cell turnover and new collagen production. The Effects that may occur is reddish for a few days, but you'll get amazing results.

Skin sagged. Sagged skin on the neck was usually formed as a result of excess fat, loose skin, and weakened muscles. Sagged disposal operating procedures or liposuction under local anesthesia can quickly fix it.

To reduce bruising and swelling, which can last up to two weeks, another option is to use ultrasound, which uses sound waves to liquefy fat before it is discarded. If you have excess skin, you may need to fix the fatty tissue with a product that can tighten the neck skin to restore the full density.

Bulging veins. The lines are prominent vertical line appears when the skin is thin muscles in the neck, and began to be drawn out of its original shape. To overcome this you can use botox is injected to soften the lines by relaxing the muscles. Another option is an operation that will tighten and put the muscles through a small incision under the chin.

Being beautiful is not easy. Requires a large commitment and intention. You live and the choices that determine the path where you want to use? Which certainly had options will take you to the youth and beauty. Now is the time you say, "Goodbye Turtlenecks, hello V-necks!"

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