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Woman News - Sex Positions
Sex Positions, We all want to make sex as good as can be for our partners. But there's more to sex rather than choosing the best sex position - you have to know that sex positions and techniques to avoid! So here is a list of things for men to avoid during sex, along with some tips on the best sexual positions - which will make sex great for both!

Sex Positions - Sex Position First error: Pushing your partner to do everything that is not cómodo.Por So if you've been thinking of trying the outrageous sexual positions adopted by some porn stars, forget it! Start from a more realistic. Be comfortable for a woman involves two things: First, you have to be physically comfortable. That could mean not going to feel very happy if I ask you to put your ankles behind your ears while you have sex. It could also mean you have to avoid any position that gives the deepest penetration, since your penis might hit her cervix and give it some serious trouble. Secondly, you have to comfortable.So emotionally if you treat like one of those porn stars, she will not be very happy either, and is unlikely to be invited to bed. This includes: wanting to ejaculate over her without her whole-heartedly agree with dirty talk is a lack of respect for her, wanting to slap his ass if he is not, and generally treated her as a sex

Sex Positions - Object instead of a person. Sex Position Second mistake: Being too much of a caballero.Hay an old saying that goes: "A gentleman has his weight on his arms." If you think this is the best way to behave during sex in the man on top position Did you ever try asking your partner what you want? Many women like to feel the weight of their man on top of them during sex - they say things like, makes them feel safe, secure, loved, or who just like to feel the energy and power of their man in this position . Sure, if you are much heavier than her, you might squash her, so exercise a lawsuit, but in general, men in top position, left their toll!

Sex Positions - Third Sex Position error: Do not just be there all the time when you are divirtiendo.Si she is on top, riding you, remember that you can still move during sex in this position, even just a little. You can push your hips to match her movements, raise your knees to alter the angle at which the penis enters the vagina, and caress her breasts and clitoris if she's facing you while you have sex. Remember - you do not like if she lies motionless on man sex up, so in this position, return the favor and move on yourself!

Sex Positions - Position error Fourth Sex: Being too aggressive during sex. Sure, some women like rough sex, either all the time or from time to time, but for a woman, sex tends to be something special and would like to be treated that way! That means not pumping away aggressively without his encouragement, not being selfish (ie having an orgasm yourself but not bothering to make sure she has one) and not moving around roughly during sex . If you want to show the level of a man being a little dominant, do it with firmness and kindness, instead of throwing around the bed like a rag doll. Needless to say, this advice applies whatever the position you are using sex!

Sex Positions-Sex Fifth Position error: Comply with same-sex positions old every time you make love. Sure, you do not have to try all the positions of adventure and a challenge that can be found online, but a bit of variation really adds spice to your sex life. Even if you are very fond of the man on top position, for example, sex in the tackle from behind or side to side position will allow you to see things very differently, so you can get much more excited, and certainly will give you both some different sensations! Get Latest Women Issue Here: