6 Strangest Genital Items

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Woman News -The most private body parts such as genitals are now able to 'dressed up'. From vajazzling until vatooing, the following provides a list of Media Women weirdest genital product ever discovered:

In the beginning is a luxurious spa treatment, when a waxing procedure completed by gluing Swarovski crystals on decorative patterns to an area that has been waxed. Jennifer Love Hewitt is the first celebrity to introduce Vajazzling to a wide audience. Currently, there are special vajazzle device that lets you do it yourself at home. In addition, there is also a male version called pejazzling.

Bulge-enhancing underwear
The man is known as the most sensitive to the size of genitals. Bulge-enhancing underwear is a type of underwear specially designed to create the effect of genital size is greater in men. In fact, there are swimming trunks men who provide a similar effect.

Women also have a problem with the groin area. Cuchini is a device designed specifically for women, to hide cameltoe when wearing a bathing suit. According to the manufacturer, Cuchini intended to cover the genital area so it looks subtler. Basically, this device is shaped adhesive pads tucked in behind the bikini bottoms.

BibHanger genital weighting system
This device is intended to make his genitals look longer and bigger. However, the procedure is purely cosmetic and the impact on health is questionable.

Pubic fluorescent dyes
Bett Beauty created a series of pubic hair dye products, available in a variety of natural colors such as blond, brown, black, until pink.

No need to shudder to imagine a painful of inked needle stab. Because, vatooing is a process when the image or the words painted airbrush around the pubic area. It is a temporary tattoo that gets spray-painted on your vagina. This artwork can last for about seven days.

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