Worst Shoes for Foot Health

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Woman News - Do not buy the shoes just for fashion sake. Make sure you pay attention to your comfort as well. Buying the right shoe is something we all must do to ensure better health for the feet. Here are some types of shoes that are bad for your health if used too often.

High Heels

High heeled shoes will make you feel taller and fashionable, but wearing them for long periods can cause or aggravate foot problems foot problems you already have. Wearing high heels put your feet in position plantarflexed (legs pointing down) so that your body weight rests on the balls of your feet. This causes you to adjust the standing posture and gait, leading to increased stress on the knees, hips and back. Also, increased pressure on the balls of your feet can cause a condition called metatarsalgia, acute pain in the ball of the foot, which could become chronic. Also, when you wear high heels, ankle position can lead to shortening (contraction) of the Achilles tendon, which leads to a condition called Achilles tendonitis.

Therefore, it is recommended to limit the time wearing high heels and limit the maximum height of two inches.

Pointed Toes

Pointed toe shoes pressed toes together into spaces too narrow, causing calluses and uncomfortable. This shoe is also put pressure on the toe nails that grow inward and can increase the likelihood of hammertoes.

Same as high heels, wearing them only on special occasions. Avoid wearing them everyday. Shoes with wider tip box is the best.


Flip-flops may be comfortable, but they never intended to become your everyday shoe. Wearing flip-flops cause drastic changes in the way you walk, which can cause foot problems. When you wear flip-flops, your toes you should hold on to flip-flops to keep them when walking. Although not very real to most people, this action with the constant flexing of the toes can put a strain on the connective tissue that runs along the sole of your foot, which causes pain in the arch of the foot (plantar fasciitis), inflammation of the Achilles tendon, inflammation of the connective tissue between heel and toe bones, and pain along the inner aspect of the knee.

Podiatrists recommend wearing flip-flops only for short periods of time. They are meant for the beach and pool, not to walk everyday. To run the daily, wearing sandals with straps in the back that holds your foot in the shoe.

Platform Shoes.
Shoes that are effective enough to make you look taller, but this shoes do not make your feet move naturally. So, limit its use at certain times only and not used for daily activities.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats flat shoes usually do not have a buffer on the arch of the foot, and wear it increases the risk of plantar fasciitis, tendonitis and shin splints.
This can make easy leg injury and the risk of abnormal gait.
Choose shoes that have flat soles and support around the heel, and if you have flat feet, just wear shoes with good arch support.
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