Guidelines on Buying Running Shoes

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Woman News - Choosing the right running shoe can be an overwhelming task given all the high-tech shoes available today and all the special features each running shoe claims to have.
Regardless of your sport or exercise, some general guidelines apply to all shoe shopping:

* Shop for shoes in the afternoon, when your feet are at maximum size. (They swell during the day).
* Recognizing your foot type.
* While color and style may be important to you, please consider features like stability, motion control, and cushion.
* Wear the socks you normally wear with shoes to assure the right fit.
* Try on both shoes. Most people's feet vary a bit in size from each other, so you should be sure the shoes fit your largest foot comfortably.
* Check for space at the end of your longest toe. There should be enough to let you move without pinching.
* Move around in the shoes, and insist that they feel like a perfect fit right away. If they don't, keep looking.
* Don't shop by price alone, but do look for materials and good workmanship.
* Replace running shoes after 500 miles, walking shoes after 1,000 miles, and aerobics shoes after about a year of regular use.

The right shoe can make your workouts more comfortable, keep you from getting injured.

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