7 Ways to Change the Old Shoes

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Women News - As a woman you need to budget to buy the latest footwear to adorn the sexy legs. Actually, you do not have to always buy new shoes if you just want to be different on one occasion. Here's a trick of the Shoe Service Institute of America:

1. High heels

Lower or raise your heel up to half an inch. This will change your appearance with the same shoes, people generally cut or added bearing reasonably if only done half an inch.

2. Block heel
Replace wooden block heel of your shoes with a more soft, thicker or thinner.

3. Paint
Paint your shoes, do not be afraid with the material that may be difficult colored shoes. But do not forget to use the dye fabrics and leather for the best. As an amateur, you certainly do not want your shoes to be uneven blotches instead?

4. Add garnish
Use your creative ideas to decorate your shoes. Imitation gemstones, ethnic woody, ribbon or glitter will turn into different shoes.

5. Piece
If you are bored with knee high boots, you can be creative by turning it up to the ankle. If you have trouble with the zipper, submit the subscription shoe store to replace it with a short zipper.

6. Hole
Put a hole in your pointy toes shoes. The tip of fingers in addition to functioning peek into ventilation will also change your style instantly.

7. Hook
Hooks as found in Mary Jane type shoes or shoe-string legs can you lose if it is quite bored with the style. Or if possible rates with the latch hook other shoes of different colors and shapes. As a result, your shoes will be a new work.

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