Sexy high heels - Fashion Icon 2009

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Clear conversation heels have never been in fashion. Do you have a sexy stylish look that women feel safer and more attractive. In addition, it is the most loved, and men.

High heels symbolize what the symbolism that it is more in the state, in the fashion world. Movies like "Devil Wears Prada", the role of fashion in society (in Hollywood) as well as taking into account the fact that the high heel shoes are always the pioneers of street fashion. In the film, then fashion editor of the magazine from the line, Miranda priestly (played by Meryl Streep), torture, and the judge of fashion geek Andy (played by Anne Hathaway), is looking with disgust, when Andy is working on their flat shoes. Although just a fun part of the typical Hollywood film, it becomes clear that we, the glamorous flat shoes, high heel shoes all the way into the world of fashion.

High heels are a kind of explanation for women who can not be compared with any of the clothes. Thus, the attractiveness of these sexy high heels.

What makes high heels so sexy?

There are a number of reasons, sexy high heels. They are ideal for women, the nature of representation itself. High heels have power, a woman is looking for, and sometimes more to get a sense of body lean.

The high heels that women prefer to hold the seminar. If it adds to the attractive appearance, of course, the issue of individual preferences, and the woman feels, especially if they are short, they feel safer.

High heels also increases the appearance of eggs because of the stress on changing the angle between the foot and lower leg. High heels cause chest press, and press your buttocks to the back, allowing the influence of the hips when walking, which is actually a very sexy for men.

Only in the legs, in most cases, which also sexier for many men and women leading high-heeled boots, that the attractiveness of the thigh and pelvic area. Clearly, high heel shoes or boots provide sure certainly attractive, and elegant appearance, but of course there are drawbacks in the use of high heels and these include:

There are disadvantages that the number of women wearing high heels are. Some of them include:

High heels can cause pain in the legs, especially in the forefoot

High heels also restrict the movement of a user relative to the speed

High heels can cause permanent damage to the legs and tendons, when to wear over a long period

High heels can be dangerous, and women are more likely to fall if not properly used.

But, of course, there is no need for high heels all the time, and frankly doubt weigh the pros and cons can be sexy and stylish and comfortable.

If you want to use, high heel shoes, proceed as follows:

Choosing shoes with round heels, open toes and the area the next day they are more comfortable than pointed toes.

The wedge heel is thicker or more convenient and easier to walk in thin heels and pointed.

A thick sole can also be more than high heels, and again, it is more convenient than thin soles.

Add a template for the shoe for more comfort.

The use of high heels is very feminine and elegant, there's always room for them in every woman cabinet.

So the girls - to present some relationships, sex appeal and confidence in their heels, after all, part of what this woman.